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Audio players

Just Audio’s Headphone Amplifiers: AHA-120

Never mind the source file, why does mobile music lack sound quality? Style headphones are just that–style over substance–while iPods, MP3 players and phone/music player variants are barely satisfactory. This situation can be improved, however, by inserting a headphone amplifier between your player and the headphones. Just Audio has two on offer: the µHA-120 (55 x […]

Yamaha THR10

Packed in a crafty retro radio-like casing that shouldn’t trigger any angst from home-design freaks if you leave it on a coffee table or in your bedroom studio, the Yamaha THR10($460 retail/$299 street) is a powerful tool for guitarists who want to practice, compose, or record without dragging a full rig into the house. And […]